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Getting started

The Dashboard - understand sharing and account management.

Click here to update your account details, add your photo, password reset, subscription options, account settings, Log out (Always use this this when you exit the portal)
Set up a managed account for another person (managed account): You will be the manager but can set permissions so the account holder can interact too.

Contacts & Sharing

List anyone who is important to you.

This is more than just an address book. Importantly, from this page, you can invite your contacts to share your information.
If you are caring for another person, create a separate account for them. By selecting their account from your log in you can manage and fill in their information directly and share their details with others.

From this page you can:

  • Access accounts you manage
  • Access accounts others have shared with you
  • Invite contacts to share your data
  • Invite contacts to have a Kuradocs account

Top Tips

  • Help: Use the ‘?’ icon in the top grey bar to get more help as you work through the system.
  • Link your calendar to google to provide reminders direct on your phone,
  • Share updates from your Kuradocs Journal to your social networks.
  • Trackers: multiple trackers available for you to monitor items you feel important.
  • Sharing: You can choose to share your information, reports with others (controlled by permissions).
  • Short cut to dashboard icons: Click on the title of the page with small arrow, in top green bar.

Once you’ve updated a/c details, we suggest you next fill in information about yourself. The more you put in the better the reports and the more you can share with others.

Click on the icons About Me ,Goals, Trackers. You can enter a bit at a time and come back and fill in more when you want. Remember to click save before leaving each screen. Click on the other icons on the Dashboard too to find out what else you can do.